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Standard Fees for Service

Fees for cash payment at the time of service.  Fees are based on time with the doctor and not the number or type of procedures performed. Fees are $22.50 for each 15 minutes.

Initial Visit with Assessment and Treatment: $125 

 Standard Follow-Up Visits: $90

TCM Naprapathy: $45 (each 30 minutes)

Functional Integrative Medicine Nutrition and Herbal Consult (new condition): $60

Functional Integrative Medicine Nutrition and Herbal Consult (return visit): $22 - $45

Cash and all major credit cards accepted.  New patients must pre-pay the $35 Intake and Assessment fee upon scheduling  their initial appointment in order to guarantee the appointment and validate a serious appointment booking. This minimizes no-show and last minute cancellations.

Insurance Coverage

Our clinic does not accept payment from third parties or insurance companies.  We encourage our patients to use their HSA. 

Payment is due at the time of service


The clinic session of naprapathy, dry needling, manual or laser therapy treatment is much more than the procedure of inserting needles, applying laser to points on the body or massage to tight muscle knots. 

Our treatment sessions are significantly more extensive, thorough and much more effective than any other clinic of its kind in the region.

You are not simply poked with a few needles and left alone in a room for 30 minutes, as is the case with many other practitioners and clinics.

The hour treatment session is a comprehensive attended, one-on-one, hands-on high quality approach to care the gets results.
 It often may include the following therapies:
  • needle therapy or laser therapy instead of needles
  • electro-stim: electro-acupuncture*
  • moxibustion / infrared heat therapy*
  • fire cupping*
  • gua sha*
  • auricular (ear reflex) therapy
  • topical Chinese herbal applications*
  • acupressure, tui na or naprapathy*
  • herbal and nutritional formula prescription
  • dietary and nutritional therapy*
  • lifestyle counseling*
  • instruction in exercises to support healing
*Therapies used when appropriate to care. Your doctor will work with you to determine the recommended length and frequency of visits.

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