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Dr. Terence McCormick is the inventor of a treatment technique that is the latest advancement in the field of dry needling.  It has extensive applications in the practice of naprapathy.  He developed this technique throughout his almost 30 year career in manual medicine and brings together many evidence-based approaches to dry needle therapy.  

He is the author of the book, Dermatomal Trigger Point Dry Needling:  Foundations of Clinical Practice.   The book explains the the principles of this technique in bio-medical language based on anatomy, physiology and neurology. 

Dr. McCormick graduated with a pre-medical bachelors degree from William Paterson University. He was accepted at numerous graduate schools for various medical professions but instead chose to pursue a career in natural healthcare. During undergraduate studies he was an apprentice at two acupuncture and therapy clinics in the New York City area where he studied with numerous Asian medicine doctors. He also graduated from a nationally accredited program of manual therapy and became a nationally certified therapist working in various pain, sports injury and natural medicine clinics. He completed his acupuncture and Asian medicine masters degree in 1996 and doctoral degree in 2008, both from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.. He was also an intern at the International Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Training Program at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China where he worked in two integrative hospitals, treating patients alongside Chinese doctors. Additionally, he has completed over 3,300 hours of post graduate training in various areas of natural medicine including cold laser, nutritional and manual medicine.

Work History and Special Training

Dr. McCormick opened his first manual medicine practice in northern New Jersey in 1989 and his first acupuncture and Asian medicine practice in Minnesota in 1996 where he was one of the first licensed acupuncturists in the State. Since then he has practiced around the world including China, Europe, Central and South America.  He uses a combination of Traditional Chinese medicine, dry needling, naturopathy and naprapathy in his practice to address a wide variety of health concerns in women, men and children of all ages.

He has special training in the treatment of:

  • chronic and acute pain

  • sports injuries

  • infertility

  • gynecological problems

  • pregnancy and labor support

  • cancer treatment side effects

  • diabetes and pre-diabetes

  • seasonal allergies

  • anxiety, depression, and insomnia

  • pediatric conditions


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